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Working in Beijing

Hey everyone. It has been a while since I’ve gotten to sit down and write a thorough post for the White Mocha blog. These days I am actually in Beijing, China…cranking away from a Starbucks here (Which, despite the fact that everything here is cheaper, is more expensive than American Starbucks…sad day).

White Mocha Marketing is current working with Sun Coast Resources, Inc. to update and revolutionize their internet presence. Soon they will have a brand new website, a functioning blog, a customized and active Facebook/Twitter presence, and much  more. They are a great bunch of folks based out of Texas and are going to do great in the future. We have been working around the clock to get them rolling. That along with traveling to China has set me back a bit hehe.

Here is a question for everyone to think about and respond to:

How is your business doing this year? As well as you hoped for 2011? Better than 2010?

Comment and add your experience!


[Video] Social Media Revolution…Is Social Media just a fad?…Umm No.

If you are on the fence about utilizing social media for your business…this video should help you decide. Statistics are a wonderful thing :).

Convinced? Okay, fantastic. Now what to do? There are unlimited resources all over the web to help you get started. You can even find some here:

Facebook Essentials

Twitter Essentials



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