Twitter Essentials

Social media marketing is a huge help to start up businesses and those who have a great niche. The time it takes to keep up with posts, feeds, replies, tweets, updates, etc. can be taxing on your time though. Here are some important applications that can be used to increase your twitter following and make managing your account easier.

List building tools:

Twellow is a Twitter search engine, directory, and yellow pages. You can use this to search for your niche and add followers who are interested in the same things in which you are also interested.

Twitseeker is a service you can use to follow several people at once. You can search your niche and follow those who come up. This should be used sparingly as Twitter doesn’t like this to be used a lot.

You can use Localtweeps to find local followers. This is great if you want to find a local following for your business.

Twitter Management:

HootSuite: Simply a must…HootSuite is a social media management dashboard. With HootSuite you can organize your tweets, pings, post, etc. all from a central dashboard online. You can also schedule updates to go out when you are unable to send them yourself. This is a great tool and I highly recommend it. You can get to HootSuite from here:
HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

Social Oomph:
This is a great tool to manage your tweets or pings or any social media service. You can automate messages for future tweeting and if you want to pay a fee you can automate messages to be sent out every day, week, month, etc. This is a very neat tool to make your life easier.

Just unfollow:
With this application you can unfollow those who do not follow you. Twitter has a cap as to how many people you can follow. If you hit that wall you should wait a few days and then use this application to free up more space.

With this application you can customize your own background with ease and speed. You can use the free service or upgrade to an even better background. For an example of a free background you can check out my Twitter profile: iMarketingDS

For tutorials on how to optimize Twitter and social media for your business check out Warrior Forum – James Hickey Internet Marketing Tutorials


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HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard


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