A Bakery Gets Sweet Returns From Social-Media Blitz – WSJ.com

A Bakery Gets Sweet Returns From Social-Media Blitz – WSJ.com.

The shop has seen a 15% to 20% increase in sales since it started the social-media blitz, Mr. Rhee says. It’s also getting a wider reach; people in California, for example, are asking via Facebook and Twitter if Spot Dessert ships its concoctions

This could be your story, your sales increase and your success. Social media marketing sure seems to be the future of marketing…but it is absolutely the present. If you own a small business and aren’t-lets say-“in touch” with the internet and maybe have no idea what social media even is…there are plenty of sources to help you along.

There are an unreal number of companies and individuals that specialize in social media marketing…and they want you to hire them. This is what I suggest to you…research. Research everyone and everything. You might find that you can do the work yourself. You might also find that you don’t have the time, of which it takes a lot. There are also compromises you can make, such as social media marketing and Customer Relationship Management services.

A new Titan is coming into play soon…Ventown Inc…stay tuned for more information about them. If you are looking for affordable service…Ventown will be your hero. I will be one of their representatives in the Austin area, so small businesses keep in touch and I’ll provide the most up-to-date information I can!

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