Why Make a Fan Page on Facebook?

Facebook fan pages are incredibly important to social marketing. According to Alexa rankings, Facebook is #2 in the US…right behind Google. Ignoring Facebook is a serious mistake. Check out this article from Ezine Articles.

Why Make a Fan Page on Facebook?

He starts by introducing different ways Facebook fan pages can be used and he then transitions into the business applications. Here is what he says,

Different institutions such as organizations and companies can make a fanpage on Facebook to easily send updates and company announcements to their employees. A fan page is also ideal for different businesses for marketing purposes. Different types of products and services will have an opportunity for free advertisement and marketing given the number of users of Facebook. Once users become a fan of their pages, they can easily send promo announcements, schedule of sale and other advertisements to increase marketability of their products and services. Regular profiles in Facebook do not have this ability. It is a requirement for businesses and establishments to create a fan page if they want to use Facebook for their business.

Of all the benefits of a Facebook fan page, it is probably the businesses which can maximize it. With the customizing of the pages, a business can incorporate their branding so users can easily recognize their brands. There is also an option to include surveys and order forms to make it more convenient for customers to order from the page itself. It is like having their own website to showcase their products and services without the hassle of hiring an expensive web developer to do it. This reason alone makes it good enough for business to create a fan page. It allows them to create, design, and revise the style and information in the page even without programming. It can be done with simple clicks. If businesses make a fan page on Facebook and maximize its features and benefits, they can definitely save in advertising and marketing which could mean more profit for them.

He makes an excellent point. This is a free application, which means that it is free advertising and free SEO for the business’s main web page. Don’t underestimate it. Use it to your benefit :).

Here is a brief video on how to grow your Facebook fan page

Here is a video on general Facebook training

Both of these videos were done by James Hickey a.k.a. SDEntrepreneur. You can check him out at http://sd-entrepreneur.com/

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