Fantastic Facebook Page Creator and Editor!

Fantastic Facebook Page Creator and is a great Facebook page editor and publisher. They have a free service or you can use their upgraded services that include very neat extra features. I just created a free page and you can check out the results here
Ventown Social CRM Services.

This service is very user friendly, fast and easy to use. You just enter some information, any logos or brand picture that you want posted on your page, any URL or tabs that you want, pick a format and publish it. They walk you through all the steps.

They have additional options for the upgraded paid for account like your WordPress feed, Twitter feed, and other very cool options.

It will be created as a tab on your page called “Welcome”. You can edit your page to make any visitors land on this welcome page. This is great because the first thing they see will be your beautiful, unique, and impressive Facebook page. We all know how important first impression are for prospective clients.

Here is a link to the website where you can create your own Facebook Page:

Facebook Business Page | Facebook Fan Page | Create Facebook Page.

This tool is also listed on my blog page “Facebook Essentials“.

Thanks for reading!
Dustin Smith
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