Small business: What are your goals and needs in 2011?

Dear small business,

My goal is to provide up to date information that is helpful. My primary market for this information is that of small businesses. In order to do this most effectively I would like to get comments from small businesses out there on what your needs and goals are for this year. think through these questions for your own reflection and I encourage you to either comment on this post with some answers or you can email me your answers if you don’t want them to be public. Thanks for reading and I hope I can be helpful during this new year!

These are just some thought provoking questions to get you thinking about 2011. The two big things I am curious abotu are your goals and needs this year.


What are the mountains you see in 2011 for your business?

What do you forsee that you will need to improve on this year?

What are your biggest struggles in the realm of marketing?

Are customers finding your business?

When you have discounts and special sales, are poeple hearing about it?

How much time do you spend marketing and why?


Thanks for reading!
Dustin Smith
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