Affordable, Modern, Marketing Services for Small Businesses Coming Soon…THE Small Business Solution

Are you stressed out trying to budget marketing for your small business

Marketing is stressful! Especially if you can’t afford it. It’s like that old saying goes, “You have to have money to make money”. The small business gets hit the hardest with this…they typically don’t have money, as they are trying to make money.

Note: Here is a list of common start-up expenses: . Take these into account while planning your start-up.

I’ve done some research on advertising costs for typical vehicles for ads…it is quite scary. Here are a couple:

Newspaper Ads: I looked up the local newspaper ad costs for the Statesman(…for three lines of advertisement in the newspaper prices range from $80 for 28 days (+$20/month for each additional line) to hundreds and thousands of dollars. The price greatly depends on the product or service you are advertising. These high prices are just one form of advertising and businesses will likely need more than that to have success. makes it difficult to look at details of their advertising plans without first making a business account, but they do mention a price range. For’s services ( online listings, customer ratings and feedback, etc.) they give a price range of $300-$1000 per month….that’s a lot of money.

Why did I conduct this research? First, I want small business to be aware of advertising costs, I want them to know their options, and I want to help. I believe that small businesses are the heart, backbone, and culture of America. I believe there should be an affordable marketing option for small businesses and I believe I found one. Which brings me to the second reason I did this research…

In Austin, Tx I represent Ventown Inc…they are a small-business-minded CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service provider. You haven’t heard of them because they will be launching any day now. I believe Ventown is the solution for small business marketing. They are affordable and they are absolutely client focused, I can guarantee that myself. As a Sales Associate for Ventown I not only explain the service and all the doors it opens for your business, but I will personally walk you through the set up and implementation of the service. I will also keep in contact and touch base often to make sure that it is doing everything you want it to. Ventown and I want your business to flourish, I and many other Sales Associates across the country are there to make that happen.

You can check out more information about myself and Ventown at If you are even slightly curious about Ventown, please contact me personally via:
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