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Here’s an article that stuck out to me when reading it. The author applies sociology to marketing, which makes sense when you think about it. As consumers we all know that there are factors in our heads that drive a purchase. For me, a product can be affordable, effective, durable, and a great deal, but if the person selling the product shows little care for their customers and refuses to provide help and advice…I’m probably not going to purchase.

What is discussed in this article are 5 basic concepts to introduce into your marketing strategy. They can be viewed as a check list for your marketing campaign. The 5 concepts are : Relative Advantage, Compatibility, Simplicity, Trialability, and Observability.

Here are the basic definitions for these concepts:

Relative Advantage – “Relative advantage is defined as the relative benefit of your solution compared to all other alternatives, including that of doing nothing.”

Compatibility – “Compatibility is a measure of how easily the new idea can be assimilated into an individual’s life.”

Simplicity“Simplicity is a measure of how easy the product is to use and understand.”

Trialability“Trialability is how easily your product or service can be experimented with on a limited basis before purchasing it.”

Observability – “Observability is the degree to which the results of an innovation are observable to others (or to you during the trial).”

As you can see, these factors do not include price, size, practicality, etc. Those factors that we would consider crucial to a purchase. The idea here is that these are the factors that will sway a potential customer when all the other factors are perfect. When your product is just so amazing that anyone would be crazy to not buy it on the spot.

Introduce these concepts into your marketing campaign and just see what happens…put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask yourself the question…

“Would I be more likely to make the purchase if this product was better than others (relative advantage), the product easily fit into my life (compatibility), the product was easy to understand (simplicity), there were a free trial of some sort (trialability), and the effectiveness of the product were viewable (observability)?”

I recommend reading the full article if your interest is sparked. Nothing is being sold here, just an idea…

Lessons from Sociology: 5 Tips to Help You Sell More : Money :: American Express OPEN Forum.

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