What is Social Media? Definition of Social Media

What is Social Media???!

What is Social Media?

I’ve searched and searched for a legit definition for social media. There isn’t one in a dictionary, that I could find. I did find a couple articles that touch on the definition in a way that I agree with and will use until the dictionaries catch up with society.

We are in the midst of a social media boom…it’s growing so fast and changing almost every day. The struggle is to keep up with it all, but I know that social media is the present and, even more so, the future of marketing. Here are a couple quotes that I found very useful in describing social media and its usefulness.

The fact that you can talk to them means that you can influence them. That’s the true power of social media from a marketing perspective.


Think of it as a cross between sociology and technology, transforming one way broadcasting into comprehensive two way communication. It’s personal. It’s human.

Social media is the essence of online networking. It is incredibly diverse and lightning fast. Email marketing, banner ads, and commercials are great, but like the quote above notes…social media is personal…it is a conversation, a comment, a reply, a laugh, it’s emotional!

It has the power to give your business a personality when you thought that wasn’t possible. It can give your trash company a sense of humor, friendliness, and an atmosphere of cleanliness…which could completely changes the outlook on your company by those you serve!

You’ve heard of the traditional giant of marketing WOMM (word of mouth marketing) right? Well social media provides a means to amplify your WOMM and allows it to reach further than your subdivision and further than your town. This is not a change in society that you want to ignore…

Here are some interpretive definitions given by the VP of Razorfish at the launch of Seesmic ( a social media management application),

Shiv added to the quote to create his version of the definition for social influence marketing:

“The Purpose of a Business is to Create a Customer…who creates customers”

Take some time today and think about this definition. I believe it’s the best (and simplest) explanation of what social media marketing is all about.

Updated! Josh Weinberger has come up with an edit to Shiv’s edit that’s even better! Here’s the update:

“The Purpose of a Business is to SERVE a Customer…who creates customers”

Now…where to begin? The article below give a basic layout and description of where to start, here is the list they give:

  • Identify your overall goals from online marketing — do you want more traffic, signups, brand awareness?
  • Do some research to find out where your targeted customers are — do they use specific forums or read certain blogs?
  • Create profiles on those sites and start to network with prospects in different groups and communities. Take some time out to understand the community dynamics and rules first.
  • The idea is to add value to the conversations. Build genuine relationships. Through these interactions, create circles of influence so that people start trusting you — build credibility.

I suggest reading the full article if you are still interested in more information.

What is Social Media? Definition of Social Media | Green MarketingTV.


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