Social Search: Google’s pain and the next step towards who knows where…

What is in store for the future of search engines?…Will we even be using them?…

No doubt Google will modify their algorithm to adapt with the changing times, right?

The obvious answer from the logical mind is, “yes”. If they do not adapt they will disappear…even the great Google is not above the power of change. What change am I talking about?

Social Media Search.

I recently read an article ( a link is provided at the end of this post), in which the author give stats on the traffic to his website. These stats reflect that the vast majority of his visitors  are referred by social search engines and not by Google. It seems like this should be shocking, but why are we not shocked? We are not shocked because we know where most people spend their time online…
LinkedIn, etc.

So where are consumers going to find out where to eat, drink, and have fun tonight? Well, if they don’t have to leave Facebook or Twitter to learn about a cool new joint with great food and great entertainment, why would they?

This is where the internet is headed, so where are you? Are you keeping up with social media? Google is…because Google doesn’t have a choice. They recently updated their search engine to include social postings. The question is, will that be enough and what is next?

The face of the internet is changing rapidly! So keep up! I’ll do my best to help.

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Thanks for reading!
Dustin Smith
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