LivingSocial’s $10,000 Fairmont Coupon Signals Upscale Shift on Deal Sites

LivingSocial's $10,000 Fairmont Coupon Signals Upscale Shift on Deal Sites

I saw this article and was intrigued, so I thought I would share. It affects everyone on the internet, so that would include you and me.

Online coupon provider LivingSocail publicized a deal that probably caught coupon users off guard. A $10,000 deal… You’re probably thinking, “What kind of deal is that?” Well that $10,000 deal is a 50% savings!  …What!?

Yes, LivingSocial partnered with a San Fransisco Fairmont hotel to conjure up their most expensive deal yet.

The promotion included a one-night stay at the hotel’s 6,000- square-foot penthouse and a one-day rental of a Maserati Quattroporte.

That is a pretty insane package…and all for the 50% discounted price of $10,000, have fun!

This is only the beginning though…if Living Social will promote this upscale deal, what’s next? Cars? Houses? Education?

This also brings up the question of new competition. With deals like this one, LivingSocial will potentially be competing with companies like Travelocity, BloomSpot, Gilt City, That could lead to more rivalries for LivingSocial and Groupon, which honestly will just lead to better deals for everyone hehe.

Be looking out for that LivingSocial coupon for BMWs!

Here is the full article:

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