Facebook Essentials

Facebook Logo for DustinlSmith.com blog postHere are some resources that can be used to increase your Facebook following, ease your management of your Facebook account, and increase the appeal of your Facebook fan page:

Facebook Page/Profile Tools

FBanners.com is a website that give you the ability to select a pre-created “Banner” that creatively and effectively uses the 5 photo slots at the top of your profile to display a message. You also have the ability to develop your own custom banner. This is a great tool for brands and businesses. An example of such a banner can be found on my Facebook Profile… go ahead and friend me while you are checking it out 😉

This is a fantastic tool for small businesses and brand promoters. Through FaceItPages you can create a creative, user friendly, appealing welcome page for visitors of your Facebook page. You have dozens of options to customize your page like linking Twitter and WordPress to the page, designing 5 menu tabs that go to designated web pages, linking Youtube, and much more. More information can be found on my post:“Fantastic Facebook Page Creator and Editor!”

Simply a must…HootSuite is a social media management dashboard. With HootSuite you can organize your tweets, pings, post, etc. all from a central dashboard online. You can also schedule updates to go out when you are unable to send them yourself. This is a great tool and I highly recommend it. You can get to HootSuite from here:
HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

Facebook Applications

LinkedIn Application:
This is an app that allows you make your LinkedIn profile appear as a tab on your Facebook Page. We all know LinkedIn is powerful for networking, so this app is very cool and very useful. Check it out in action on my Facebook Page.

NetworkedBlogs Application:
This application allows you to link your blog to your Facebook Page, allows you to gain followers and follow other bloggers. Here it is on my Page

This app is useful for sharing product or brand presentations with Facebook users. You can link this to your Facebook Page as a tab just like the previous two apps. You can also search and view other SlideShare presentations through this app.


Here are some tutorials by James Hickey on how to use Facebook and how to grow your following on Facebook:

Facebook Training – James Hickey

Growing your Facebook Page – James Hickey

I have made this a permanent page on my website at
Dustin Smith – Ventown Inc.

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HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard


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