Bad News Travels Fast, Is This Good Or Bad For Your Business?!

Bad News Travels Fast, Is This Good Or Bad For Your Company - Dustin Smith

Bad news travels fast…what can you do? …  Respond.

25% of Americans polled say they are far more likely to spread bad reviews than good reviews. This seems like rather bleak news right? Well, lets think about this optimistically. If customers are reviewing your business poorly on the web, that gives you the opportunity to respond to that customer, address their complaint, and possibly regain that custom as well as advertise your business to whomever was tuning in on your conversation. If they weren’t complaining online at all, then you wouldn’t have the opportunity to communicate with them.

Now, if you aren’t paying attention to what is said about you online, then yes, bad reviews on the web will be bad for business.

Another poll reveals that 68% of customers who leave negative feedback receive a response from the company…Here is the important statistic: 18% of those polled said that the response was enough to make them loyal customers. (Reference)

So what are some simple tasks you can undertake to monitor your reputation on the web…

1) Monitor Review Sites. Be sure to monitor local review site like,, Google Places, etc. On Google Places you can also claim your business listing. Here you can monitor what is being said about your business or service, its location, and more.

2) Monitor Link-backs. You can view who is linking to your website with Google Analytics, Alexa Ranking, etc. Spend some time finding out who is linking your website and whether they are spreading good vibes or just knocking your business. You should be able to contact the individual via comments or some other social outlet. This is another way you can address the individuals complaints.

3) Monitor your own site, blog, and social networks. Don’t forget about the basics. All of those outlets you are trying to reach customers through, you need to monitor those. Many customers will give feedback (positive and negative) right on your Facebook wall or they will mention you in a negative tweet.

Full Article:   MediaPost Publications Study: Bad News Travels Fast 03/09/2011.

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2 thoughts on “Bad News Travels Fast, Is This Good Or Bad For Your Business?!

  1. Great suggestions Dustin! We just started a business in Austin Texas and we’re just getting into the whole social media thing. I love your perspective on this issue and appreciate your tips!


    • Thanks for the comment Amber, welcome to Austin!

      I wish you the best on the new business! Your website looks great btw :). If you have any questions feel free to hit me up with an email, Facebook message, tweet etc…or you can just comment with questions. I’d be glad to offer advice.

      Good Luck!!

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