Bloggers Keep Blogging! Stats Show Persistence Leads to Success

A chart that shows the relationship of blog frequency and lead generation Alright take a second and study this chart. Hubspot is very good at creating charts such as this one, they make them very self-explanatory.

Basically, the more you post, the more customers/subscribers you will acquire.

The main thing to consider and remembers that, it will absolutely take time before you see results…so be patient.

Hubspot explains a case study of a company called PrimePay and their struggle and success with persistent blogging.

The chart above is proof that bloggers shouldn’t lose faith – in fact they should have a little patience and be persistent in their blogging effort.  More evidence is the progress that the team at PrimePay, a national provider of payroll, tax and HR services, has made over the last year using HubSpot to blog consistently.  Because they appeal to a very specific target market, Nancy and her team didn’t set out with a goal of extensive readership – rather, they wanted to share valuable content that would enable them to become thought leaders in the payroll services space.  Starting with a blank slate, PrimePay’s blog hit 550 subscribers after about 6 months.  Since then PrimePay has continued to blog gaining steam along the way.  Recently, they topped 1,300 subscribers, driving increased traffic and leads to their business.

Patience wasn’t the only tactic Nancy applied at PrimePay to increase blog readership.  Here are a two specific tactics that PrimePay executed to drive their success:

Create Remarkable Content with Cross Departmental Bloggers

PrimePay Popular Posts.docxNancy learned early that blogging doesn’t have to be a solitary enterprise.  In fact, by polling other departments, including her sales team, Nancy’s editorial calendar got filled with a variety of topics of interest to PrimePay’s target market.  A quick scan of the PrimePay blog reveals that the top ten most popular posts run the gamut from employment law analysis to payroll and benefits that can impact employee morale.  By leveraging content ideas and rough draft posts from other members of the PrimePay team, Nancy’s overall coverage can be broad enough to attract visitors seeking expert advice from across all the markets her team serves.

Promote the Blog with Small but Consistent Messages

In the early days of the PrimePay blog it didn’t make sense to do large scale promotion.  Nancy created email signatures for the whole company to include a very low-cost and easy to execute promotional tactic.  Only once the blog had started to gain readers and had a great base of content did Nancy decide to incorporate her blog into specific email marketing campaigns.  The goal of these campaigns was to increase readership, and in turn, get those readers to pass the blog along.

To date, PrimePay’s persistence and simple but powerful promotional tactics have paid off.  Readership and lead generation have seen great results and Nancy has more buy in for the blog than ever.

Here is the source of this article: Hubspot Blog

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