Is Social Media Marketing Effective?! Small Business Owners Give Us Insight…

The Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing by Small Business Owners

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***First off, if you are not sure what “Social Media” really is, you should check out this post first. ***


So we hear a lot of hype about social media marketing (SMM) and how amazing it is, but is the  hype legitimate? It is best to not just trust the marketers, but actually research results and studies.

MarketingSherpa surveyed small business owners (the opinions we can really trust on the subject) on how effective social media marketing is for certain aspects of their marketing campaigns.

The results, to some, will be shocking and to others like myself they are exactly what is expected. SMM is, at the very least effective and in many cases extremely effective.

If you’ll notice, the chart indicates that in the area of reducing consultant costs SMM isn’t overbearingly effectively…that might be because SMM wasn’t meant to replace consultants (though it apparently has done a rather good job as only 47% say it is not effective). Using SMM increasing brand awareness, it gets your business’ name in front of a multitude of faces and sparks interest. In that realm (the top statistic), SMM is remarkably successful. So much so that it would be silly to not utilize this marketing outlet for your business or brand.

So if you are on the edge of whether or not to get on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, etc, and use them to your advantage…stop hesitating and get after it. You’ll see success after you figure out what you are doing. There is a world wide community out there to support you and feed you ideas, opinions, and solutions. You just have to take that first step.

So here you go, take that step:

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Free Social Media Tutorial

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