Podio…THE Small Business Project Management Dashboard

Podio: Business Project ManagementAlright, this is very neat. Podio is a one stop project management platform built for small businesses. It is free for teams of 10 and under and costs $99/month for a 25 user license. This is fantastic for the low budget home business or small business.

It is an easy 3 step process to get started and get planning.

1) Create Space- Podio lets you designate “Space” and name it however you like. For example you could create a different space for each project you are working on and design each space differently with different applications.

2) Add Applications– Podio has its own application marketplace with tons of free apps and it also gives you the option of creating your own apps. The way the marketplace is set up there are different “Functions” and “Sectors” of apps, such as Project Management, Community Management, Sales, Marketing, and many more. Some application examples would be: Tasks, Client Reports, Sales Tracking, Schedule Meetings, Team Blog, File Sharing, Milestones, Due Dates, Marketing Campaign Strategy, and many more.

3) Add team members, clients, etc – In this step you invite your project team members or your project clients to your dashboard so that you can interact. Your team or client have the ability to comment on tasks, ask questions, and do just about anything else. This is a great tool for reporting and communicating goals

I started my own Podio profile as soon as I heard about it and am using it to manage my client projects and my personal project ideas. I am loving it so far!

Small business owners and all you project/task oriented folks out there check this out, you’ll love it.


Thanks for reading!
Dustin Smith
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