WebumeNow.com Press Release

FOR RELEASE:  Immediate
DATE: April 5, 2011

WEBUMENOW.COM: Amber Prescott
(512) 574-3455 or aprescott@webumenow.com


WebumeNow.com Helps Unemployed Get Back to Work

AUSTIN – WebumeNow.com is proud to announce that it is looking for community partnerships to provide local unemployed and underemployed job seekers with web-resume portfolios. These web-resume portfolios, known as webumés, were introduced to the Austin market in January 2011 and have quickly gained popularity with job seekers and employers alike. In a highly competitive job market, this product allows job seekers to launch themselves ahead of other candidates and promote themselves online. WebumeNow.com hopes to further saturate the market with their webumé product by providing it to those who need it most.

WebuméNow.com’s goal is to develop numerous community partnerships with job placement services, community colleges, and universities to help unemployed Austinites get back to work. They are currently working with Job Training Institute of Austin to provide each of their students with a webumé upon graduation. Arming job seekers with webumés significantly increases their chances for interviews and job placement.

Even though the Texas Workforce Commission reports that unemployment in Texas remains well below the U.S. unemployment rate, local job seekers are still struggling to set themselves apart from other candidates.  WebumeNow.com is helping many of those job seekers increase their chances for success.

Experts agree that job seekers must find ways to set themselves apart from other candidates.  Back in 2009, Microsoft reported that 79 percent of U.S. hiring managers and job recruiters were researching potential candidates online (http://www.globalrecruitingroundtable.com/2010/03/24/microsoft-research-shows-online-reputations-matter/).  Imagine what that percentage might be today.

By using a webumé, job seekers can direct employers to a professional and interactive website that portrays a 4-dimensional version of who they are.  This tool serves as a one-stop-shop for employers to access everything they want to know about potential candidates: downloadable resume and letters of recommendation, educational certificates and transcripts, accomplishments portfolio, video interview, contact form, and links to other social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Blog(s), and Twitter.

About WebumeNow.com
WebumeNow.com is new to the Austin area and was formally created in January 2011.  The company was founded in August 2010, when David J. Prescott, a custom graphic and website designer, created a webumé for his wife Amber, after she applied to more than sixty jobs with no response from employers.  When Amber secured several interviews immediately after using her webumé, the couple decided to develop the product further.  Fueled by positive employer and consumer responses, David and Amber realized that their webumé was a highly effective, self-promotion tool that could change how job seekers search for employment.  David Prescott now serves as the company’s Director of Design and Project Management and Amber Prescott serves as the Director of Marketing and Sales.  Amber’s original webumé can be accessed through this link: www.AmberPrescott.com.

Now in its freshman year, WebuméNow.com provides job seekers with a new and innovative way to apply for jobs while building online credibility and making an impactful first impression on employers.

“We help our clients promote themselves through colorful and interactive websites provided as a link in online applications, electronic resume and cover letter submissions, email communications, and social media sites.  Job seekers are abandoning their paper resumes and opting for webumés because they’re highly effective and reduce paper waste and expense. Employers are taking webumé applicants more seriously because they get a 4-dimensional view of those candidates through pictures, a video interview, easy-to-access links to social media sites, and downloadable copies of their resume and letters of recommendation.”


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