WebumeNow review: A revolutionary method in which to market yourself to employers.

WebumeNow.comIf you’re wondering what the future of job search looks like…this is it: WebumeNow.com. The most innovative product of 2011 is right here and this article will explain why.

First off, here are some obvious questions and accompanying answers via WebumeNow.com:

What exactly is it?

Webume’ (Web-oo-may) -noun
-An online portfolio of your experience, skills, education, accomplishments, and recommendations in a colorful and interactive website.

Who can benefit from a Webume’?

Any person striving to reach the next professional level in a competitive market needs a webume to supplement traditional application methods.
This includes…
Experienced Professionals
Recent College Graduates
High School Students applying for college

Why would an individual use a Webume’?

For you it:

  • Brands the individual as a valuable investment – Not just a piece of paper!
  • Creates online credibility
  • Promotes professional image
  • Prepares employee for success
  • Sets employee apart from other candidates by providing an interactive portfolio of success & achievements!

For the company to which you’re applying it:

  • Provides a complete overview of candidate before meeting them
  • Easy and interactive
  • Everything is in one place
  • Quickly identify candidates who fit position criteria & corporate culture
  • View an entire portfolio of skills and achievements without a bulky notebook!


Next we are going to look at why this is going to stick.

1) It benefits the Job Seeker. Obviously if the product doesn’t benefit the one using it…there is no way it would stick, but the Job Seeker is the primary beneficiary. If you want to sell a product you market it effectively. If an individual wants to sell themselves to a company, the same marketing effort must take place. WebumeNow give the individual an easy and effective way to do so. Here are some testimonials to that fact.

2) It benefits the Employer. It makes the hiring party’s job much easier and more efficient. The webume is all they will need, no folder or files. The webume contains the candidate’s resume, letters of recommendation, contact form, video interview, skills, etc. It’s like one-stop-shopping for employers.

3) You’ll be served by an upstanding, straightforward, effective company. Here are their beliefs, goals and vision straight from them.

We Believe
that just as corporations build their credibility through professional websites, so can individuals. WebumeNow.com can create a comprehensive web portfolio to increase YOUR chances for success!

We Provide
personalized, online marketing portfolios to supplement your paper resumes and applications.  WebumeNow.com expands YOUR opportunities for recognition and professional growth through your own, professionally-designed website that highlights your strengths and accomplishments.

Our Vision
WebumeNow.com provides cost-effective, comprehensive, and web-based portfolio resumes that increase our clients’ opportunities for recognition and professional growth.

Our Mission
WebumeNow.com is a small company committed to helping individuals promote themselves through cost-effective, web-based portfolio resumes.  Our products supplement traditional paper resumes and applications by providing a comprehensive representation of our clients’ accomplishments, experience, skills and goals.  Building strong partnerships with our clients allows us to create synergistic marketing portfolios that increase clients’ opportunities for recognition and professional growth.

Personally I have been communicating with them, sharing ideas, and just talking about the product and its potential. It’s a great company run by great people, and that, I believe, matters the most.

*****Here is the official WebumeNow.com Press Release!*****

Here is their contact information and pricing information so you can get your personalized webume started now!

Thanks for reading!
Dustin Smith
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