Mobile Marketing benefits a national/local burger joint…1 text at a time

Elevation BurgerThis is both a small success story for a cross country burger joint and a personal experience.

Here’s the story:

My wife and I visited Elevation Burger because it was close to home and looked like an interesting place to eat, so we wanted to check it out on a beautiful day while we were just relaxing. We walked up to the door and found out we could get a free drink by texting a certain phrase to a certain number, so of course we jumped on that. We got our free drink and enjoyed a very good meal including organic burgers, fresh fries, and two great milkshakes. By the way, they have the neatest soda machine…but that is just a side note >.>. Then a few days later we received a text message saying we would get a free burger with the purchase of another burger…we also jumped on that haha, we love deals and free food. We had no intentions of visiting Elevation Burger any time soon simply because we can’t afford to eat out all that often, but the coupon that they sent us gave us the incentive to go back in less than a week. That was a win for Elevation Burger, a win for us, and a win for mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing is no joke, it works. I do not just preach mobile marketing, but also benefit from it :).

Mobile Marketing Through Ventown:Ventown Social CRM Services

If you own a small or large business or know of one that needs this, I happen to know of the perfect solution. offers unlimited mobile marketing services as well as a ton of other great services. Not only does Ventown have amazing services, but they are the most affordable service you will find. I have written many post about Ventown and I can guide you through getting involved with Ventown and personally walk you towards better marketing for your business. Right now you can get your first 3 months of service with Ventown for free if you sign up with me.

If you are at all interested or have questions, let me know :). I would love to help.

Thanks for reading!
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