About Me

Dustin Smith Internet Marketing, iMarketingDS

Hello… my name is Dustin Smith.
I grew up in the great state of Texas around the city of Houston. In 2007 I attended the University of Texas at Dallas and obtained a bachelor in mathematics. Immediately following graduating I moved to Austin and began studying and practicing internet marketing.

I am the owner of White Mocha Marketing and Consulting, which focuses on internet marketing, SEO, and web design.

As a New Media Marketer I am focused on and interested in modern, best-practice search engine marketing, analytics, optimization, as well as, PPC, and social media marketing. My goals are to provide small business with the resources to market their niche with utmost effectiveness and affordability. I also contribute to the world-wide conversation about emerging media as much as possible.


One thought on “About Me

  1. I am glad to see someone has taken the time to offer a introductory description of another of the
    many venues springing up across the internet that offer to assist the local merchant in attracting
    more customers to their business. Seems that the old “tried and true” methods that have served
    us for so many years are ceasing to deliver any significant return on investment. My neighbor,
    who worked in the subscription department of my local newspaper has been laid off along with
    nearly a hundred of her co-workers. Message : The local news has given up trying to save or expand
    readership, because no one is reading the paper anymore. It is easier, quicker, and more subject
    specific (via search) and free.
    I appreciate that you have considered the questions small business owners are asking themselves.
    It appears that Ventown may offer answers and solutions and the ability to reach the constantly moving
    target customer. The addition of marketing to mobile phones I’m sure will prove in-valuable.
    I venture to guess the majority of us Small Business Owners have heard the advantages of Search Engine
    Optimization, so we might garner a few customers from search engines, the news flash that Facebook has overtaken Google has us scrambling to learn to interact with customers by tweets and blogs, but while we are just getting a handle on that, along comes reports that mobile marketing is the way to go since 97%
    of mobile messages get opened within five minutes, while the tweets and blogs we spent so much time trying to learn often go un-opened.
    Each of these approaches takes an investment of time, with their respective learning curves, and I can’t sit in front of my computer all day…I have a business to run. I’ve been interviewing Social Media Managers with a thought to outsourcing the whole thing, but fro the amount of typo’s in the resumes I’ve been handed (haven’t they even heard of SpellCheck?) how can I entrust someone else to maintain a professional image for my store? Compared to what these guys want–all claiming it will take 90 days to see results–the low monthly cost and variety of social interaction Ventown offers me, this is a no brainer.
    I found your blog informative, interesting, and focused on vendor needs. I am glad to say I’ve signed up for your follow up messages.

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